The Haemogram Test detects the rise of various blood diseases in the body. It comprises Complete Blood Count Test and ESR test.

CBC Blood test is a part of the haemogram test and it is done to detect anemia, leukemia, thalassemia, and other sorts of blood diseases.


In a haemogram test, a broad screening of a patient’s blood is examined to diagnose the following diseases:

  • Anemia
  • Leukemia
  • Thalassemia
  • Hemophilia
  • Leukocytosis and many more.

Blood health is equally important as our overall health. The blood test counts the numbers of blood components like Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and Blood Platelets in the body. An abnormal fall or rise in any of the blood components results in blood cell disorder.

What is the importance of the Haemogram Test?

There are multiple reasons why a person needs to go for a haemogram test once a year.

  • To get an update about their blood health:  The main purpose of the test is to give an accurate test on blood health. Ultimately, you get an update on your overall health too.
  • To detect a medical condition: A haemogram test means detecting an abnormal blood health condition in the body.
  • To monitor medical condition and treatment: It helps in monitoring a certain blood health condition in the body. Along with this, the test also monitors medical treatment.

What is the role of the CBC test in the Haemogram test?

A complete haemogram consists of a Complete Blood Count test which measures the following components of the blood:

  • Red Blood Cells: One of the most important components is Red Blood Cells, the shortage of which leads to anemia. It is an important part of blood in supplying oxygen to the rest of the organs and tissue of the body.
  • White Blood Cells: Increase in the number of White Blood Cells is a sign of inflammation while a decrease in the number of WBCs results in a blood infection. A less amount of white blood cells weakens your immune system and stops the ability of the body to fight against the disease.
  • Blood Platelets: It plays an important role in forming a blood clot. A lower level of blood platelets results in thrombocytopenia and a high level of blood platelet leads to thrombocytosis.
  • Hemoglobin: It is a type of protein in the blood which is important for supplying oxygen to the body.  The CBC test also checks the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Hematocrit: A low level of hematocrit denotes iron deficiency in the body. Hence, the blood test is important to know the status of the components of the blood.
  • Mean Corpuscular or Value (MSV): If the size of the blood cells is larger than usual, it means a high level of MSV in the body. On the other hand, a smaller size is an alarming sign of anemia.

Normal Range of Hemoglobin

The hemoglobin normal range is 13.2 - 16.6 g/l in males and 11.6 to 15 g/l in females.


The result of a hemogram denotes the blood health of a patient. It helps in the early detection of any blood cell disorder and to prevent its further rise in the body. The accurate test report of Redcliffe Labs provides full details about the status of every component of the blood.

The doctors offer a free consultation and a free home sample collection to the patient.

CBC Test Price

The CBC Test Price varies depending upon the test, health center, and many other factors. To get the test at an affordable cost, contact the team of Redcliffe Labs and avail the exciting offers.

Important Tips to Improve Your Blood Health

Here are some important tips on how you can improve your blood health to lead a happy life.

Change Your Eating Habit

A person’s eating habit plays a great role in maintaining one’s health. When a person consumes more unhealthy foods, it will ultimately make them gain weight. Being heavy and bulky is the sole cause of different health problems. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy foods and to have a balanced meal to ensure good blood health too.

Physical Activity

 The body must be in an active state to be free from any kind of blood disease. Some light exercise, cycling, walking, and swimming help to make the body more active. In addition, physical activity also controls obesity and makes you healthy.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are a part of healthy life. Daily meditation and yoga bring inner peace and harmony which is required to keep the body healthy.


Stick to the medication prescribed by the doctors if you have any disorder. Medication and regular health check-ups to sustain a healthy life.


Do we need to fast before the Blood Test?

Generally, fasting is not required before a CBC blood test. But, yes, fasting is essential when it comes to some additional tests included in the blood test.

What does a high hemogram suggest?

A high level of hemogram in the body indicates a sign of macrocytic anemia which results in loss of appetite, confusion, fatigue, shortening of breath, and pale skin. To prevent macrocytic anemia, a person must go for a hemogram test. The test will give you a complete report on the structure of blood cells and the number of components present in the blood.

Summing up

The components of blood play an important role in our body but a slight change in the structure or the amount can lead to serious health complications. Hence, the doctor advises going for a hemogram test at least once a year if you face any symptoms like dizziness, weakness, or pale skin. Apart from this, maintain consistency in keeping the health in good condition.